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Sieve Support


The IMAP server supports the Sieve language, which allows users to write server-side scripts to e.g. filter mail. This can be useful if mail is accessed from more than one location, since the filters only need to be maintained in one place (on the server).

The Sieve language is specified by RFC5228.

Thunderbird users will probably want to check for new messages in these folders.

Client Support

In order to access and modify the Sieve scripts stored on the server, a user will need a client that supports, in one way or another, the ManageSieve protocol. To date, there are only a few that work well,

  1. Sieve Extension for Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. gSieve, a standalone Sieve editor for GNOME

Our ManageSieve service is listening on '''port 4190''' as [ assigned by the IANA]. Most clients however default to port 2000, which was chosen before the IANA assignment was made.

Roundcube's sieverules

Roundcube support is provided via the sieverules plugin. Vacation auto-replies can be configured through its interface. There is a caveat; you can't manage non-Roundcube scripts from the Roundcube user interface.

Filtering **SPAM** messages

There should already be a (disabled) filter in Roundcube's list of filters. If you would like your spam to be moved to the Junk folder automatically, simply enable it.

Out of Office (Vacation) Messages

There is a special filter type called "Out of Office Message" that allows you to configure an auto-reply. The screenshots show you how to do it. Note: we enable the spam filter first to limit the chances that you will auto-reply to spam.

First, choose "Settings."

Then the "Filters" tab.

Click the example "Spam Filter" and then "Save" to enable it.

Now hit the "+" sign to add a new filter.

Enter the out-of-office information, and hit "Save."

That's it!